This is the original home page for freelance web developer, Herb Miller.
It originally doubled as my online Curriculum Vitae (CV).
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Herb Miller has over 31 years working full time in Information Technology (IT).

I've had a varied career, working for a number of industries. For the last 6 years I specialised in e-business integration, working in Communications (O2), Retail (Debenhams), and Distribution (Mars).

Just recently I worked in the Banking industry, for the largest Foreign Exchange (FX) bank.

Recognised as a deep techy I've always been getting stuck into some of the more complicated parts of the systems, using my experience in design, development, integration and problem solving to great effect.

I've worked on some big projects for big customers. Now I want to work on smaller projects for smaller customers. So, in October 2009, I retired from IBM to form my own company specialising in web design and web development.

When not designing and developing web sites for small to medium businesses I offer my services to those companies that need some help with (potentially) complex integration issues... offering the sort of experience that you only get after many years battling and winning with software.



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Herb Miller

Herb Miller